torsdag den 20. august 2015


I want to show you this beautiful bunch of dyed fabrics and laces!

I think the colour which came out,is so beautiful, and using tea bags
for dying is always a chance to take on the colour tones !!

This time I was so very pleased, -also the skeleton leafe looks pretty!

This is the tea used, a leftover gift from some German dear friends!!

And then the rust part!!!! I made some months ago a roll of papers ,fabric, and laces,
added rusted keyes and nails, and some other tea bags , 
wrapped it all together with a metal string,and let it stay outside'
in the rain for some months.

Opening it up, this was what I found ,
lovely rusted pieces , you can see the rust elements here !!

And here some paper , now with a wonderful rustic feel.

The last dye is also from tea, and this time I used 
this Celestial tea, giving a brownish pale pink tone ,also so
very lovely I think !! 

I hope you enjoied seing my tea-and rust "party" it is so fun
playing with old scraps and nature dying materials !!

This photo is from my walk today, isen`t it the most 
beautiful water plant !!!

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friends,- and thank you to you all ,for visiting and for 
commenting here, it makes me very happy ,and thankful !!

Love and hugs,

mandag den 10. august 2015


As many of you surely knows 

is making a monthly ATC swap, for those wanting to take part,--
and this months I felt a wish to try my hand on her :
August  Dress Up swap !!

The 3 first ATC`s are for the swap ,

lovely ladies dressed up, for party !!

each different, but with the same materials used.

The number four I created for our hostess 
a little angel dreessed up with beautiful new
wings !

I`m so happy to have just recieved e-mail from Kimberly,
that she recieved it all , 
I`m very exited to see all the other ATC`s,
and also which ones I will recieve back. 

Hoping your sunday is as beautiful and warm ,as here, and wishing 
you a very lovely day !!

Hugs and love, 

lørdag den 1. august 2015

I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS GORGEOUS CLASS !!!! teached by my dear friend Suzy !!

As many of you knows ,     SUZY    ,  is one of my closest friends,
and this wonderful lady have now for the first time ever , produced a CLASS:

My Class "Peaceful and Pondering" Fabric Lace Book/Journal is now OPEN

Isen`t it soooooo exiting !!
For the first time, we are invited inside Suzy`s studio, being able to see her create one of her amazing 
journal/book s. 


I know many of you-me included - have wayted for this, and now ,here is the
chance to follow Suzy, hearing her own voice ,directing us into 
creating our own marvelous book.

I can`t wait to see it all, being inspired to create like this beautiful
artist friend, in my own style, it will be a lovely tour, down
bookmaking lane, together with Suzy !!

You can read all about it here 

and visit the place for the class  HERE :

I know those of you whom enter the class , will have so much fun and happy
hours ,together with Suzy .

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend .
Hugs and love , Dorthe 

mandag den 27. juli 2015


I just bought a new birds die-cut and stencil, both from Tim Holz ,
and both wonderful, I think !!

I played around with them, creating this card ,also using old papers,
a bird cutout, from a nature book, laces, nature remnants  found on
the beach (for the nest)

a rusted piece of lace, which was rolled around a bundle of fabrics,
rusted pieces, teas and other strange things , and layed for some 
months outside, while raining very much !!

Also the paper seen here was in the bundle. As you know I love the 
nature tones , and materials, so here I`m back creating without 
much colour again.

Also this little driftwood angel shows no real colour, but I love her 
in nature wood, with white and a little gold !!

How are you all doing ? Here it is so cold again, grey skies, and also rain, 
it almost seems we did not have any real summer this year , hopefully we
will have sunshine days in August !!

I hope you have a little sommer if living in the nordic hemisphere,
and wishes you a wonderful new week.

Hugs and love , Dorthe 

tirsdag den 21. juli 2015


So wanting to show you the last of my birthday gifts from very dear friends.
This beautiful tiny piece of  a rosary chain, formed as a childs bracelet,
my dear friend Liz gifted
me , and I so love it. It now hangs around the neck of a loved mini teddy bear.

The old French paper it is laying on and all the others following
under this photo, are also most precious gifts from Liz .

Aren`t they wonderful, with the old handwritings, some so very beautiful,
and I love the labels, too.

Look how very beautiful!!

I will have to be very "strong" in mind to actually use these papers for 
my creations, and not just make copies ,Lol... they will be admired for
a long time ,before I can cut them , that`s for sure. 
My dearest Liz, thank you so very much, you are so generous, and a
very treasured friend .

Bettina, my dear Danish friend 
gifted me these lovely handmade roses ,which I had wished for , and on the paperbag she 
had made the beautiful pink dress with the sweetest handmade velvet flower,

Also I recieved a "class" for learning to embroider lovely stitches for button making ,
isen`t her button so beautiful ?? 

I also wished for a felted white flower to add to a scharf, and Bettina felted this beauty to me,
Thank you so very much kæreste Bettina.
Bettinas Father is a wonderful drawer and painter, and she also gave me (us) 
a beautiful watercolour of the  seaside where we live , which Gunner Painted .
the photo I took , dosen`t do it justice so I will show it in my next post 
Mange tusind tak kære ven !!

Last but under no circumstances least,- from my dear friend Lynne
I recieved a most beautiful gift too.
Just see the card , I so love it, the wonderful stamped background,
the photo-real stamp the laces and colours , such a beauty.

See the fuzzy cut butterflyes!!

Also I unpacked this very lovely and beautifully decorated heart box.
Lynne knows me so well, and therefore created the most romantic gift, with the beautiful stamp,
-lace all around the heart shape (thank you for your heart, dear ) and
the roses on the lid. It is so beautiful.

Inside were lovely roses, a lot of different and sweet wooden shapes, to 
play with, a piece of old gorgeous lace,and different Masking tapes.

And as you can see here, Lynne also stamped the lid inside with golden ink.

Thank you from my heart , my treasured friend  ,I love it all , so much !!!


I feel so blessed with all the friendships I have,-- their kindness , is a special
gift on its own, and their generousness in giving that kindness and their beautiful
gifts and art to me ,is so very treasured. 
Thank you all ,also for your loving wishes send me here and on fb, to my birthday
and for the vacation I just had,- they mean so much to mee. 

Love and hugs to you all !!

lørdag den 4. juli 2015


I live ,as you know ,in Denmark, and we just celebrated Midsummer, and therefore
also my birthday, where I recieved so many gorgeous gifts !!
This very beautiful banner is from my dear friend Kimberly .

Each little banner holds something special, and wonderful !!

Old and gorgeous stunning things, -please click my photoes to see them real !!

Here is one with a Charlotte , and some have adorable old flowers 
and bling .... I love bling-lol

Isen`t it just amazing !!!

The giftbag was closed with this old, lovely belt buckle.

And the card from dear Kimberly is so shabby and beautiful, too 

Thank you my friend, for this gorgeous gifts, it is hanging here in front of me ,
making me smile - Hugs from afar to you !!

From one of my other dear friend Martina
I recieved this amazing wooden box, that she so beautifully have decked in
the most wonderful collage paper.
Martina ,I have used your beautiful photoes as I just could not get the right tones ,myself !

Isen`t it gorgeous with the tiny book on top , the steampunk feeling,
and the sweetness of the blue flowers !!

Take a closer look here , I love it!!

And this beautiful charm, Martina added to hang from the wonderful white
old doorknop !!

The card from sweet Martina. is also Steampunk related,  which 
I am truly in love with, but just don`t seem to be able to create

So therefore a special, and  big thank you my dear friend, for sending these 
most gorgeous presents.

Summer is really here, now, and tomorrow I will go to be with my daughetr and 
grandkids, while my husbond takes care of the house here :-)

I will not be able to blog much the coming week, but will loook forward seing
all your beautiful posts when I`m back, and "allone " again!!

Till then take care, and I hope life is good for you !!!

Love and hugs,  Dorthe 

søndag den 28. juni 2015


This romantic pincussion ,I created for a dear friend for her 
birthday , I used lots of old laces, 

The pincussion is made as a pumpkin, and on top of that is
a stopped yoyo , decorated with a lovely button and lace.

The pinns, are also made with old pearls !

I just celebrated my own birthday, as many of you know, and from my dear friend

I recieved some most beautiful gifts , and this beautiful adorable card.

I love the gorgeous bezel, Marie created herself ,with the beautiful
madonna image ,and lovely charms, it is so amazing,in real life !!!
- I also love the old French
dictionarly page.-

And this sweet fairy in soldered frame ,with the lovely charms,
is also one of Marie`s beautiful creations, just wonderful ,-

with this very true text on the backside, -isen`t it gorgeous.

On top of all that Marie sweetly gifted me materials to try make my own bezel,
YES, I`m so exited to try .
THANK YOU my dearest lovely friend, I`m so happy for it all, and for our friendship.

From another very dear friend ,Suzy
I also had some amazing gift in in the mailbox.

Look at this adorable, and gorgeous card !! I so love
Suzy`s style .

And one of Suzy`s beautiful sewn folders, so wonderful
made with old laces ,flower and seambinding.

Isen`t it just lovely , with all the layers , and romance it holds!!

And opened up I found 3 pockets, filled with gorgeous
seambindings ,ribbons and a button card.
In the third pocket was the "Sister "wallet ,with a pair of
old earrings inside.

See the yarn bobbin ,Suzy sweetly created also !!

And oh so much more, ....a handful of the most wonderful fabrics,

Shiny and wonderful to touch , I don`t know when I can bear to cut in them !!

My dearest Suzy, THANK YOU  so very much for all this beauty ,and goodies ,
I love it all ,my friend,
and thank you even more , for our close friendship.

Well I have more gifts to show you ,but this is enough for today, I hope you have
enjoied seing ,what some of my friends ,have so wonderfully created, and that
you will visit them both, if they are not yet, on your blog lists !!

Also thank you for your visits , which means so much to me, it would
not be the same life, if you were not out there somewhere ,all.

Hugs and love