tirsdag den 22. april 2014


My dear friend MARIE  http://marie-lostbirdstudio.blogspot.dk/ and I ,long
before christmas desided on not sending christmas gifts to each other,
but to wait till spring ,to exchange an art-piece, of friendship-love .

Most of you know Marie and her beautiful creations, and her love for birds , and as this
sweet friend,knows I love birds too, she created the most fantastic bird-themed gifts for me.
Her tag is a beautiful example on her ability to create pieces which are almost allive.
See the birds nest she did herself!!

Behind the tag was this little box...Oh was I exited to open it up!!!

Inside was another bird collage, this one totally in fabric, -I so love it,
the colours are not quit as the real ones ,they are more warm ! I adore this little
artpiece  with the tiny birds nest Marie added,for me to use in something sweet.

But ,-what was behind the birdcollage !!! YES ,this amazing necklace, -so gorgeous !!
the sweetest soldered bird home complete with one of Marie`s handmade nests , resting on the
Mica wall ,-which is old music paper.The blue pearls goes so well with all my blue clothes.
Ofcourse dear Marie also had to add the loveliest birdie, hanging from the bottom of it`s home,
so beautiful with the nature stone!

I`m so in love with this adorable piece of jewelry and when not hanging around my
neck, it hangs in a window ,for the light to shine through the mica paper ,which becomes totally 
trasparent .
My dearest Marie, thank you so very much, for your fantastic gift, I so love it!
Much love and thankfulness from me to you.


I hope you all enjoyed a happy Easter, I had some wonderful dayes with my grandkids.
Now they returned home and I have to get used being "allone" again.
I wish you a beautiful rest of the week, and send you

torsdag den 10. april 2014


Tomorrow my grandkids arrive ,to spend the week here, which means
lots of fun , talking and doing, ..So I thought I`d  better ,already now
wish you all a Blessed Easter.

This card I recently made for a very dear friend, I used a transparent
sheet for my copier, to print the sweet girl.

The last many weeks we have had this sweet visitor in our garden
A woodpecker, female , it would be fun if the male was here to !!!

And with these lovely Anemones ( in latin : Anemone Nemerosa )
I wish you all a happy new week and a good time with family and friends for Easter.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, they are very dear and importent to me,
also thankyou to all the ones whom I can`t reach throug a blog !!

See you soon again, and enjoy the time ,-be happy and take care of yourself.

Love and hugs

søndag den 6. april 2014


I have for a long time wanted to try my hands ,maning a mixed media necklace,
and desited to make this with one of my soldered charms.

I used some old amethyst stones, pearls from an old necklace,and constructed
the fabric (silk) pearl ,with smaller pearls from the same old necklace.

I also found two little hearts, amethyst and rosequarts, and 
tied  old sarisilks and a braided one together ,to hang it.
The colours of the sarisilk are not as dark in real life, as they seems here !!
As it is my first try, you masters will find mistakes, but I am satisfied with the result,
and have send this one out in the world for a gift to a dear friend.

This collaged lid with nature theame, was also
very fun to make. I , as you know ,love birds, and this little one rests
lovely in it`s nature and paper nest.

She needed a little paint on her feathers, to go with the beautiful bark pieces
in the bottom.

I hope you all have a wonderful sunday, and maybe enjoy time with family or friends.
I hope you are all happy and feeling well.

Love and hugs,

lørdag den 29. marts 2014


Look what the postman brought me all the way from Scotland,
and from my very dear and lovely friend       LYNNE 
A beautiful little heart with one of Lynne`s handmade mould paper roses.
The rose is app. 1,5 cm in diameter ,so very small and sweet,
and placing it on the heart was such a lovely greeting.

It was a total surprice ,and a wonderful "hug" to cheer me up, from 
a close and caring friend.
Thank you from my heart dearest Lynne, you are alwayes there for me
and a very treasured friend . 

Long time ago ALEXANDRA  and I swapped some summer flower
seeds, and I recieved this gorgeous card from her,-- look how she used 3
tags to make up "the story" of spring and new life.
together with the card were two beautiful seed bags. created in old papers, and with the 
sweetest french text tag,and flowers.

Thank you dear Alex, they are still on my table to be admired every day .

And to wish you all a wonderful weekend, a picture with a few lovely white
violets from my garden, -they grow wild in many places in both white and blue ,
and are so beautiful, I think.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and for still being concerned
about me, you are all so very kind, and your words so appreciated.

Warm hugs and love

søndag den 23. marts 2014


I have collected  old tiny Charlotte`s for some years ,when my eyes have been falling apon a good deal,
but couldn`t bring myself to use them for a long time,--- but here is my first

I created her for my dearest friend Suzy, for her birthday .Suzy  alwayes send
me the most beautiful birthday gifts ,so I wanted her to have something special, I had not
created before.

She is wrapped in old lovely laces ,jewelry parts, and bling things.

Her wings are both cloth and old papers, and I added a
little love note. I t was fun , and certainly not the last Charlotte angel, I`m doing .

How are you all, have your spring time started, or do you still have snow, here and there ??
I so hope for all whom is expecting spring, you will soon see a little sun and warmer
temperatures !
Here it is mild even the sun is still very pale, but wonderful weather
for a walk every day !

Dear friends, and followers, I wish you all a happy sunday.

Love and hugs, Dorthe

tirsdag den 18. marts 2014


Some time ago, I found new bird stamps (love birdstamps )
on a webshop : www.redleadpaperworks.com   -and just had
to have a few,- among them this one used here.
Isen`t it a sweet chubby bird!

The ATC is made on an old price-lap from a piece of
cloth I bought, -alwayes save them - and for the nest I
used a skeleton leave .

I am normally not fond of yellow, but this soft tone ,-and with a
little treasure gold added, spoke to me !
Love the little feather stamp, too.

I found this white : Perlehyacint---

In English : Grape Hyacinth- last week when 
grocery shopping with my husbond,-and brought it home-
added old paper around the pot and decorated with a velvet
ribbon, the most lovely glitter star ,-
(once a gift from my dear sweet friend    MARIE  )
and the white dove , I think it is a sweet
before Easter decoration .

Dear friends, and dear followers, I hope your week is a good one- and  with 
hours enough to fulfill all your wishes of creating and feeling great 
doing whatever you wish,- and have to do.

Many warm hugs, and love
from Dorthe

torsdag den 13. marts 2014


Thankful having such precious friends like you!
thank you for supporting me, and for all your "airy" hugs send to me over
the oceans,- -
Everyday waking up to new "hugs" and prayers from you, on my blog, and facebook
page, is such beautiful gifts to recieve

My appointment in hospital went all well, and I was told ,that if 
I can go on like now, I will be fine again, in some time,-so I hope 
and pray time will be with me and I will be my old self again!

These two beautiful lavender hearts I found in my mailbox last week-
arriving to me from France ,and send to me from a dear friend LIZ   http://lululizinlalaland.blogspot.dk/
We have been friends for many years ,and I treasure this friendship so very much.

In the packet were also lovely old French laces , and a 
wonderful old Loterie coupon, and old buttons.

Liz created the lovely hearts using an old  "torchon" -tea-towel , and they are just
adorable ,and soft to touch and lovely to smell.
Thank you my dear Liz, for your heart-gift , -you are a wonderful friend ,alwayes.

The swan picture on top and this one, are both from my little walks to the 
beach ,-as many of you know,we are lucky to have our property ending in the Baltic Sea,
so I don`t have to walk far to be at there. My husbond takes me
every day, and this week we have had the most wonderful sunshine-even still cold and wearing winter clothes ,it is so fantastic to have the sun shining again.

I hope you are all fine, and well, and send you, from my heart ,
the warmest hugs, and my love.