onsdag den 21. januar 2015


Having been gifted with  my dear Liz`s  amazing necklace, I wanted to try
my hand on a few fabric pearls, too ,-So I went back to read the
wonderful tutorial written by Sandy Babb.. you can find it here
on the link , some posts away !!

This is what I came up with, two pairs of earrings,
I still have to practise , but they were fun creating.

This ,for me unusual little book and card, I made for a friend, not
the fondest of laces and sepia , so I hope she likes it !!-not there yet !

I had fun with the tiny paper book, and the recycling of
papers ,old and new !!

Tomorrow I`m off to be with my daughter and  Mathilde,
Real girl time, no men ,lol,lol- My husbond stays at home.

I will be away till Monday, so till then you will not hear much from me,
Take care of yourself, and have some wonderful days ,all.
See you soon.

Hugs and love from Dorthe

tirsdag den 13. januar 2015


 I love creating so called Fabricrolls, and this is a new one in the making.
Well almost finished, and soon on it`s way to a dear friend og mine !!

 A dear friend is also Lynne   ,from whom I recieved this
so beautiful card . The photo can`t catch the brilliant  shine,
and glitter from her creation ,as in real,  or see the beauty from
the piece of wood attatched and also glittered !!

This is the "envelope" from Lynne, just stunning, and I 
totally love my card, dear Lynne, Thank you  my lovely

Anni ,my Danish friend , send me this wonderful card ,
I love the deers and mr. Santa bringing gifts to the sweet girl,-
Mange tak, kære Anni 

From dear  Katherine I recieved this sweetest and adorable 
angel, created around an "old" clothpin!!  Isen`t she lovely
in her white dress, and the wings. Thank you my dear Katherine!!

Tanya  from Bead and Needle also send me a lovely card, and samples of 
the most beautiful old laces and other pieces,  Thank you my dear friend, ,so much !!

From Sarina  This beautiful card arrived from 
The Netherlands, -isen`t it lovely with the dried hydrangea !!!
Thank you so much dear friend, Sarina.

Last but certainly not least,This beautiful card
arrived from another Danish dear friend Bettina ,- she used wool
for her background ,for this wonderful hanger or card!!
Thank you min ven,- I love it !!

Well I hope you have all started January with joy, and many
creative hours!! Tomorrow half the month has already gone,
I hope your dayes have been happy.

Hugs and love

søndag den 4. januar 2015


This year my dear friend  Anni  tempted me to take part in a project called 

In short ,-you choose a book or journal to fill with creations and thoughts,
after having been inspired by lots of small FREE videos ,to be seen
after being a member of the group ! It runns for the whole year, 
I`m sure many of you already knows this !!

This is my front page , made from wastes of all kind os papers,
which I added and then coloured ,and stenciled - I also used a little Bister.

I have some for me importent words added, and you can see I
also used some embossed pieces!

This is the first page -my January page ,again with remnants of this 
and that, and a calender for little things to remember.

I has been fun ,starting this ,and I hope to continue ,getting inspired from the four
very clever artists having made this forum, again this year.

I still have a few beautiful and special gifts to show you,next time,
but for now I wanted to show, my paper-works !
Today we had a wonderful sunny day, and my husbond and I enjoied a
beautiful walk !
I hope your sunday is beautiful too, and wishes you a great and creative
nnew week !

Hugs and love

tirsdag den 30. december 2014


This is my wish to you all :

I hope it will be filled with joyful hours, good health,
and happiness, for all.

Thank you from my heart for your constant support here on my
blog, -it means a lot to me ,with your kind visits and comments, which
both inspire me and encourage me, to new adventures.

I`m so very grateful for the friendships I have found ,
you makes my life "bigger" and filled with happy
and blessed hours ,spend in your compagny !!


See you in the new year, 


Hugs and love 
from Dorthe 

mandag den 29. december 2014


  I have had some wonderful dayes with my dear family!  I also recieved gorgeous gifts from dear friends !
I couldnt believe my eyes when opening up this amazing gift from my dear Liz  http://lululizinlalaland.blogspot.dk/ .
Have you ever seen such amazing fabric pearls, which she created herself !! They are filled with magic of pearls of many kinds and beautiful wrappings.

Here is a close up ,of some of them ! Also Liz added ceramic pearls and metal ones,too 
in creating this stunning necklace , and then this darling friend ,gifted it to me.

The card is so beautiful, too ,-with the angel , bringing 
peace and joy -and the old gold lace is wonderful.

And on top of this there also was this big lengh of velvet wonderful 
pearlfilled  ribbon.
Dearest Liz, Thank you so much, I still can`t really beleave that gorgoues necklace is mine,-
you are a wonderful friend.

From Sherry  of http://createology.blogspot.dk/ 

I recieved a lovely purce ,in beautiful fabric and lace.

and this sweetest angel tag, also in my favorite colours of nature.
Thank you, so very much dear , Sherry, you are such a sweet friend.

The last gift for today, came from a very new friend of mine ,
We became friends this year, and I`m so happy to know her,
and her amazing art ! 

The card is adorable in soft aqua colours and nature, with the 
wonderful layers of ornament and papers. 

Also she dearly gifted me this amazing rosette , made from old book page,
a wonderful snowflake and a stensiled rondelle, with the sweet angel on.
The bells on both card and rosette rings so lovely!
Thank you dear Manu, you are a fantastic artist, and a wonderful friend,
you created joy for me,-in the middle of feeling poorly ,this year, and for that
I`m so thankfull.

I can`t tell you all, how happy I am to have such lovely friends,

Thank you dear all, you blessed my christmas, with happiness and joy !


New Year are close ,and I will thank all of you coming here visiting
and commenting through the year. I am so thankful for you all, using time on my blog.

Love and hugs from Dorthe 

søndag den 21. december 2014


 A my time online from now, till after christmas is limited, I will,
here 4 dayes before Christmas , wish all my dear blogging friends ,


I HOPE for you all ,it will be a wonderful Holiday ,with 
family members and friends.
Some of us ,including me, have lost a dear member of our
family, and I know they will be so very missed.

I am bussy preparing for Christmas Eve, and will not post more,
on this side of christmas. I have recieved many wonderful and
stunning cards and presents, for which I`m so thankfull.
They will all be posted later this year , but for now, 
THANKYOU all my dear friends .

Also thank you and A Merry Christmas to all my followers,
you,too are so appreciated!!

Blessings, and love & hugs


torsdag den 18. december 2014


I recieved the most beautiful cards and gifts from my close ,wonderful friends around
the world, this last week,- and want to show you some of them today!

Such a wonderful embossed card with the dearest angel. 
It has a fantastic texture ,and sweet clay stars !

Martina also send me 3 amazing hearts, she created with a wonderful tecnique 
using metal paper!

I love them all, with their keyes ,and medaillons ,and fantastic 

Thank you , from my heart, my dear friend- they all hang on my tree.

This next adorable card is from dear Marie  http://marie-lostbirdstudio.blogspot.dk/

Isent it gorgeous with the snowflakes and the sweetest image ,I love it
Marie , with the whitened background ,doily, and glitter,- sorry it is hard to see here.

See the inside, isen`t it just beautiful and serene !!

Also I recieved this beautiful hanger so wonderful, too --
and also with the shimmer of christmas, the stars and sweet angel to lead the way!

Marie I am so thank full for your lovely gifts, my dear friend, they are both on my tree,too.

From another very dear and loved friend Suzy http://suziqusthreadworks.blogspot.dk/
This gorgeous angel card arrived , I love the stately angel, and the use of black, with neutral colours , and the many layers of fabric and laces !!
look how lovely it is inside too.

And the sweetest heart  ornament hanger with laces and pearls ,so beautiful, too.
Thank you my dear Suzy, I love your gifts so much,and enjoy the heart on my tree, 
and the card on my old dresser.

The last card ,for today, came from a, also to me, very dear friend

Look how fantastic Terri used these aqua colours to express the feeling
of christmas , together with the adorable image and lovely glitter all over.
And the embossed snowflakes and tulle on the background .
Please click all the photoes in this post to see the gorgeous details, 

Dear Terri also created this so beautiful ornament,using papers,and lovely ribbons ,
also adding a bit of aqua colours , I love the star halo and look of  old , this ornament has !
-also to the sweet back!

Thank you dearestTerri, for your beautiful gifts , they are so tresured and 
the angel ornament is naturally also on my tree, and your beautiful card on the 
windowsill .

I feel so blessed recieving so many beautiful gifts and art pieces from
lovely friends,-thank you all !!!!

And to you whom have followed me to the end of this post, 
thank you for looking and for your very appreciated comments .

Hugs and love, Dorthe