lørdag den 4. juli 2015


I live ,as you know ,in Denmark, and we just celebrated Midsummer, and therefore
also my birthday, where I recieved so many gorgeous gifts !!
This very beautiful banner is from my dear friend Kimberly http://artjoystuff.blogspot.com .

Each little banner holds something special, and wonderful !!

Old and gorgeous stunning things, -please click my photoes to see them real !!

Here is one with a Charlotte , and some have adorable old flowers 
and bling .... I love bling-lol

Isen`t it just amazing !!!

The giftbag was closed with this old, lovely belt buckle.

And the card from dear Kimberly is so shabby and beautiful, too 

Thank you my friend, for this gorgeous gifts, it is hanging here in front of me ,
making me smile - Hugs from afar to you !!

From one of my other dear friend Martina  http://martinas-stempel-gewerkel.blogspot.dk
I recieved this amazing wooden box, that she so beautifully have decked in
the most wonderful collage paper.
Martina ,I have used your beautiful photoes as I just could not get the right tones ,myself !

Isen`t it gorgeous with the tiny book on top , the steampunk feeling,
and the sweetness of the blue flowers !!

Take a closer look here , I love it!!

And this beautiful charm, Martina added to hang from the wonderful white
old doorknop !!

The card from sweet Martina. is also Steampunk related,  which 
I am truly in love with, but just don`t seem to be able to create

So therefore a special, and  big thank you my dear friend, for sending these 
most gorgeous presents.

Summer is really here, now, and tomorrow I will go to be with my daughetr and 
grandkids, while my husbond takes care of the house here :-)

I will not be able to blog much the coming week, but will loook forward seing
all your beautiful posts when I`m back, and "allone " again!!

Till then take care, and I hope life is good for you !!!

Love and hugs,  Dorthe 

søndag den 28. juni 2015


This romantic pincussion ,I created for a dear friend for her 
birthday , I used lots of old laces, 

The pincussion is made as a pumpkin, and on top of that is
a stopped yoyo , decorated with a lovely button and lace.

The pinns, are also made with old pearls !

I just celebrated my own birthday, as many of you know, and from my dear friend

I recieved some most beautiful gifts , and this beautiful adorable card.

I love the gorgeous bezel, Marie created herself ,with the beautiful
madonna image ,and lovely charms, it is so amazing,in real life !!!
- I also love the old French
dictionarly page.-

And this sweet fairy in soldered frame ,with the lovely charms,
is also one of Marie`s beautiful creations, just wonderful ,-

with this very true text on the backside, -isen`t it gorgeous.

On top of all that Marie sweetly gifted me materials to try make my own bezel,
YES, I`m so exited to try .
THANK YOU my dearest lovely friend, I`m so happy for it all, and for our friendship.

From another very dear friend ,Suzy http://suziqusthreadworks.blogspot.dk/
I also had some amazing gift in in the mailbox.

Look at this adorable, and gorgeous card !! I so love
Suzy`s style .

And one of Suzy`s beautiful sewn folders, so wonderful
made with old laces ,flower and seambinding.

Isen`t it just lovely , with all the layers , and romance it holds!!

And opened up I found 3 pockets, filled with gorgeous
seambindings ,ribbons and a button card.
In the third pocket was the "Sister "wallet ,with a pair of
old earrings inside.

See the yarn bobbin ,Suzy sweetly created also !!

And oh so much more, ....a handful of the most wonderful fabrics,

Shiny and wonderful to touch , I don`t know when I can bear to cut in them !!

My dearest Suzy, THANK YOU  so very much for all this beauty ,and goodies ,
I love it all ,my friend,
and thank you even more , for our close friendship.

Well I have more gifts to show you ,but this is enough for today, I hope you have
enjoied seing ,what some of my friends ,have so wonderfully created, and that
you will visit them both, if they are not yet, on your blog lists !!

Also thank you for your visits , which means so much to me, it would
not be the same life, if you were not out there somewhere ,all.

Hugs and love

søndag den 14. juni 2015


Many of my blogging friends have started to use a little
more colour in their creations, and I believe it is contagious!!

As you can see I`m on the wagon ,too, even I still, stay in my 
comfort zone, of the favorite colours !!
I loved to use my new stencils here, from Tim Holz 
from where both the trellis and the roses comes!
The butterfly is an old Martha Steward punch!

I also used paper napkins, and the sweet bird is a gift from my
thank you my dear!!
The wooden sign is a garden flower stick I painted and stamped.
And as alwayes a little lace is added !

I have a very dear friend Lynne ,- https://lynnesbowsandbelles.wordpress.com/
and she lovingly send me this wonderful comfort gifts ,not long ago.

A beautiful, nature card/ hanger kept in white, brown and blue. I have struggled
to get the colours right, but had to give up,-Lynne`s colours are
softer and a lighter blue, so my photoes does not give justice to
the real tones !!. All I can say is, that it is so very beautiful !!

The lovely stamp, is on a thin piece of wood, and the flowers are 
stamped on a white painted piece of paper ,layered on burlap, which again 
rests on top of corrugated cardboard .
See the driftwood from where it hangs,-it could be one I have send Lynne, once !!
We both love driftwood.

Together with the hanger, were these wonderful sticks with 
sweet words on, They will soon be used, 
and even also a little paper bag filled with metal charms- don`t 
you love the bees ?? 
Thank you so much my  dear Lynne for your gifts and
for your treasured friendship.

From another dear friend  Sherry http://createology.blogspot.dk/
I recieved this wonderful birthday card ( in advance )  with a sweet
spring coloured bird on a piece of fabric.

when opening up the card, I found another beautiful bird, holding one
of Sherry`s wonderful dragonflyes!

It is a real lovely summer charm, which can hang in necklaces or adorn
many other things. I love the head pearl, Sherry used, as it looks like eyes and mouth :-)
and the colours on both card and charm so filled with joyfilled spring!

Thank you very much ,dear Sherry, you are always so generous, and kind, and 
always thinking of others !!


To everyone visiting me,- I thank you very much  , it means a lot to me, to read your
comments, and I love visiting back, !!
I have had many warm comments on my last post where I mentioned me missing
bloggers whom stopped to blog, and to comment.
Thank you to all my loyal and sweet friends, and to all of you, that I know visits
whenever time and life allows , you are all importent to me.


Happy sunday,--
hugs and love from Dorthe 

onsdag den 3. juni 2015


I finished my collage , and am happy with the result!

The womans face is from a piece of paper napkin, which I used for making a paperfabric, 
and the beautiful embossed paper is an old piece of wall paper, which I coloured and 
stamped with gold!

I used a piece of rusted fabric, which I created, using Rusting powder!
The die over the head is the beautiful trellis from Tim Holz!

Some places are spritzt with a water solution of gold acrylic paint

Also the stenciled area here !!

I made the roses using Tim Holtz new flower dies, they are 
really sweet, and small, so also to use on tags!!

Have you ever tried to dry peonies ?
I haven`t, but this lovely bouquet is now hanging in a
dark corner here in my studio, to see if I will succed ,having 3 lovely
dried peonies, after some time.

I am very thankful that many of you are still visiting and commenting here.
I can see many bloggers are slowly stopping to both post and comment, and it makes me 
kind of sad, as I think this community of blogging friends, should just go on, !!!

So Thank you so much for your visits, and comments,-they really mean a lot to me. 

I wish you all a lovely, -soon to come- weekend.

Hugs and love

torsdag den 28. maj 2015


My dear daughter and grandchild, gifted us unexpectedly with their visit
in the Pentecost days , and we had some wonderful and cozy days together!!

So many things have been and are going on just now, so I have not 
created too much lately. But a few things have left my studio, like
this tag being a part of a gift for a very dear friend.

One of my lovely tulips blooming at last, 

and my little crab apple tree have been so beautiful looking,too.
In Denmark we call it a Paradise apple tree !!

This, some of you, might seen on fb, and it is still not finished , but lying here wayting for
more inspiration , which will hopefully come soon.

Weather is cold and windy once again, it seems this spring will not
really get warm and lovely, -so I hope summer will soon be here,
and change the cold to warmer days !

I hope you are all well and feeling good dear friends, and sends you
hugs and love.

Dorthe x