søndag den 29. marts 2015


Yes a little spring on its way here, at least my mermaid
shows it will soon bloom and grow, in my garden.

I used a lovely piece of driftwood, for her body, and
used the paper napkin to add a little more interest!!
Also on her wings  ,which is made from cardstock ,
I added paper napkin !

Her tail is old laces , and a bit of old found fishing nets.

She is smiling happily ,to welcome all good things!!!

Tulips almost finished, but so very beautiful, all the same!

How are you all doing, dear friends ?
I hope your weekend has been lovely, and 
wishes you a wonderful new week !!

Hugs and love

lørdag den 21. marts 2015


This collaged hanger has already been recieved by 
a very dear friend, so I can show you now!

I transferred the beautiful woman to a zinc tag, and love the result,
also added my waxed old papers, making them look like
foux resined papers, soft to touch and able to see through !

I also used old tapestry papers, and different old laces from
my hideaways !!
The photoes could have been sharper, for you to see the details
better, sorry!!

Here today, we have very cold weather again, even snowing a bit, but not staying 
luckily !! But storm and grey weather has returned !

I hope you are maybe more lucky than me, but know that some of you 
in USA are still fighting with snow.
Lets hope we will ,all, soon have more normal spring weather.

Saturday hugs and love

mandag den 16. marts 2015


YES , spring is here at last, I hope!!!!
The sun shines warmer every day, and today was the first walk along the beach,
without me wearing a hat.

So time for the mermaids to come visiting.
This lovely one, all in soft turquise fabrics and laces, made her
apperance last week, she now lives with a former costumer,
and friend, in Germany !

She smiles , to welcome spring,

and summer in her tiny clothing.

She also brought some wonderful driftwood pieces from her 
birth-beach, to have some good memories !!

And this beautiful angel arrived from USA and from my dear
whom recently had a wonderful giveaway,which I won,

 . Isent this angelhouse the most beautiful christmas decoration!!

Also there were the star with the holy family, and the great romantic cone,
in pink and white .

Kimberly so generously also send me this beautiful tag,
and the gorgeous old pearl flower,with velvet leaves,
added to an old photo,with lace, and the sweet
curtain holder !!

I was so happy to open up all these beautiful gifts, 
THANK YOU dear Kim , and for your friendship ,too .

I love Kim`s gorgeous creations ,and have bought christmas pieces,
from her, for many years, so I was so thrilled to se I won all this, my dear.


A new week just started, I hope for you all, it will be a wonderful week,
and send you 
Hugs and Love.


torsdag den 5. marts 2015


One of my dearest friends, just celebrated her birthday some weeks ago, and I wanted
to create something special for her, and knew she wanted a white doll.

So here she is, SUZY`s white doll ,-almost 
"anatomically" right created ,you will know what I mean, if you
look closely in the pictures !!

I loved to use old fabrics and laces ,and the wonderfully heavy yarn
for her hair.

I`m so happy that Suzy love her, and that she is now living far away
Down Under !!

Another sweet friend WENDY http://appleapricot.blogspot.dk/, had told me
that her little boy Sam ,already for christmas had drawn me something,and
that now it was on its way, and just look ,what this dear boy had made for me .
THANK YOU SAM, for your wonderful drawing  !!!
Also thank you, to you  dearWendy for the most beautiful card ,you gifted me .

From dear JILLAYNE http://quiltingfabrications.blogspot.dk/ I recieved this
adorable woolen heart , in my favorite tone,-Thank you my sweet friend, so very much.Jillayne
creates amazing fabric art, and sweet little wonders,too.

And from CAROL ,  http://queenbesalteredneeds.blogspot.dk/  this beautiful art hanger, arrived....
it is so wonderful with the sepia old papers and the charlotte doll.

Carol also gifted me these two lovely charlottes ,just because she is 
such a sweet and lovely woman, and I`m so happy, for them.
Charlottes are not easy to find, and impossible to buy both here, and
as far as I know ,also from Germany, their "homeland" 

Thank you so very much dear Carol, it was the
sweetest thing to do!!!

And last but certainly NOT LEAST ,I was the most lucky one to winn ,last months 
giveaway over at dear RHONDAS http://alittlebitfrench.blogspot.dk/

Look at this adorable bunch of laces and lovely images ,which
Rhonda transferred to cloth and paper, and I love the wonderful heart !!

Thank you again, my dear ,dear Rhonda.


And thank you to you all coming to visit my blog, -
it means a lot to me, and I am so thank ful for every visit, and every comment.

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week.

Hugs and love, Dorthe 

søndag den 22. februar 2015


This amazing and beautiful gifts arrived friday in my mailbox, 
from one of my very dear friends, MARIE , and I feel so spoiled.

Look at this stunning book-necklace that she created for me  ,-I don`t know how,
but the front and back is beautifully textured  and the front with this adorable 
little metalnest and pearl eggs, and I love the added tiny feather. 

It has many pages, and I will not show them all here, but only a few,
they are all nature themed ,with wonderful old images,
and words ! The bag of the front is covered with resin!

Isen`t it right ?? I love that poetic sentence !

And this last page ,so lovely too ,  
I am all in love with this piece , dearest friend.

Also these beautiful charms, that Marie created herself, were all 
gifted to me , I love them , they will make some other jeweleries ,
very special.

And oh ,oh, the most lovely and beautiful heart , so 
sweet with the key !

Look the sweet transfer, and Marie`s own stamp ,
on the backside,-So wonderful.

On top of all this I also found these lot ,of her transferred
prints ,of lovely birds ,-

And the sweetest card !

Yes my dear Marie, our friendship is forever, because of your
loving being, our cozy talks together, and your treasured kindness .
That is what matters,- but recieving such a fantastic gift bag, is the 
cream of the cake, and you made me so very happy !!
Thank you sweetie and a big hug to you, you are so talented.


I hope you enjoyed seing these beautiful artworks ,dear friends, 
and wishes you a wonderful new week to come.

Hugs and love 
from Dorthe 

onsdag den 18. februar 2015


February is already more than half gone , and in Denmark this
month was very mild, compared with what we are normally used to see.

But even we did not have much snow it was cozy being inside the warm house,
enjoying a beautiful tulip, and creating a card for a friend. 
The flower is a new stamp I bought  from That`s Crafty ,and the qoute too.

Under is a paper napkin, -and the flower, and butterflys are coloured with Brushos.

As you can see on my photoes ,which are both taken in my garden, the weather 
has been both  "green "-

and "white".

Nothing as beautiful as newfallen snow !!

I hope dear friends, your February has been beautiful ,too
creative and with cozy hours.

Love and hugs
from Dorthe 

fredag den 6. februar 2015

LITTLE SWEET AND FUN CREATIONS, from the first months of 2015 !!

This little spring angel is now on its way to a sweet friend,
I hope she will like her  !!

And this snippet roll, long ago reached it`s adress in U.K for one of my very dear friends .

I also had fun creating this kind of very simple acordian book,
to another friend living far away in US

I  my handmade stamp of hearts, for the cover ,

and filled it with bits and pieces from my stashes !

The green words are all cut from a cardstock wine box !!

This was a new and fun project for me, 

I want to thank you ,-all you dear friends and visitors, for coming
here to see ,what goes on in my little world of creating,
Thank you so much, I apreciate your comments and visits 
very much!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend , here where the sun has left my sky, and it is already dark
outside !
I hope you are to have a some beautiful days !
Hugs and love